This guide will walk through the basics of LimitlessAF texting service.

Step 1 The majority of this guide will require you to be logged in. Register an account, quickly and easily, by clicking the Login button at the top of this web page.

Text Words and Subscribers

Text words and subscribers are the core of what this service is all about. A text word is a unique word or phrase that people can signup to via text messaging. Later on, you can create a message to send to those who are signed up.

Step 2 See how it works. Sign up to one of our text words by texting TEST to +1(570)354-0797.

Creating and testing with your first text word

Everyone gets their first text word for free! We also give you 50 credits to play around and get a taste for it.

Step 3 Creating a text word is easy. Using the blue navigation bar, click "Textwords" and "Manage" or click here. Scroll down to the "Create new text word" form.

The name of your text word can be anything, as long as it's not already taken. Some examples are 'PANTS', 'COFFEE', 'UNICORN' and 'SHOP123'. Try putting some kind of welcome message in the Signup Response field.

Signing up to your own text word

Step 4 Use your mobile device to signup to your textword by texting it to +1(570)354-0797. This process is the same as in Step 2, but with your text word instead of TEST.

Sending your first message

It's time to start using those 50 credits. After subscribing to your text word, it's time to use it.

Step 5 Navigate to the Send Message page via the navigation at the top of this screen.

Step 6 Select the text word that you subscribed to. Your message will go in the Message Text field. Put in anything you want! It's just like texting on your phone. Finally, click on the Send Message button at the bottom.

Further down the Send Message page will be your message history. Queued Messages are ones that are scheduled to be sent. Message History are ones that have already sent.